Karura Forest Escapades

Karura 1



Karura 7

Karura 12

Karura 10







The past few months have been quite challenging but nevertheless, eye-opening for me.
Sometimes the amount of growth I’ve had to experience paralysed me, when there was so much on my plate that I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t do much but feel a little depressed for a while.
There are so many things I feel I want to do, things I believe will make me progress in one way or another, and so whether I like it or not, I must find it in me to sit down, clear my mind and soldier on. From being in my final year at The University (thinking about my thesis and project simultaneously), accepting the opportunity to work on my photography and learning how to use a DSLR (jumping straight into the deep end), and basically just wanting really bad to accomplish my goals, and making a daily habit of jogging and keeping fit…
Wanting to look in the mirror and feel like, ‘Today, I’m better than I was yesterday’.

Having all these dreams and wanting them to come true with no road map to the future, it gets hard at times, when you WANT and TRY but the progress you see seems so minimal.
I have learnt that that is okay:
It’s okay to try and fail.
Try and not be as successful as you wish to be.

I am slowly learning to be gentle with myself. To love myself and appreciate every little thing about me; from my stray hairs to my tiny chubby toes. I am perfect in my own way and not everyone will get that. I must say that those who get me are awesome people hehe ‘Big up yo selof’ 😀

To help me keep a positive mindset, I’ve noticed that being active and exercising in the most simple ways helps elevate my mood. My favourites are evening jogs, where I manage to do 5.4 kms per go! And cycling at the various green parks in my locality: Bamburi Nature Trail in Mombasa, and Karura Forest in Nairobi 🙂
I learn so much about life from these activities; that if you start something you must finish it. Once I put on my jogging shoes, I can’t stop halfway through the route, I have to finish if I want to get back ‘home’. Same as cycling, once you get on the bike and start cycling you either have to pick a track you know you can finish or pick a longer track where you still must finish. Otherwise people will have to come to your rescue, and even then there’s nothing to be ashamed of; you TRIED.

Karura Forest has become a truly special place for me, the fresh air, coolness and green canopies that engulf me. I go with my close friends and family and we enjoy each other’s company in a productive way. Plus we always have great stories afterwards 🙂
It’s good fun, you should all try it. And besides, the money you spend on entrance fee or hiring a bike all goes to good use – to conserve our forests for our future generations.
I took these pictures at one such getaway a few weekends ago, had to borrow my cousin’s camera (can’t remember the exact type but it was a Canon Powershot something I think lol) and managed to capture a few decent shots. Hope you like them 🙂

Love, Fatma xx

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