Good Vibes












It’s Friday, yay!
God knows how much I’ve been waiting for the weekend! 😀
This week has been super busy, and I often felt like I wanted ‘to give up'(what is that?). I had so much to do; research, adding more material to my literature review, meetings with organisations that run the orphanage I want to study – I have a lot on my plate right now.

I tried getting up as usual today to be in class  by 9, but I couldn’t, my body would physically not let me get up! I felt like I had weight tied to my feet and head that kept me glued to my sheets, so I just turned off the alarm and rolled over to the other side.
I woke up an hour later, grumbling that I needed to keep going. This happens in two stages, first – panic. Because of all the tasks I have to do! Then second – I calm down and try to simplify my thoughts. I have learnt to write to-do lists and these help me see the tasks as words on a paper I can easily cross off.
I’m still learning how to plan and manage my time, but I’m slowly getting better at it. I remind myself regularly that my thesis will not write itself if I don’t do it. This blog post will not go up unless I sit down and do it. And the more I think about what I want, I feel like I’m a step closer to making my dreams come true. The best dreams are those you have with your eyes wide open anyway ❤

So here I am, day dreaming about last weekend when I had coffee with some of my favourite people in the world. It was such a great way to end my crazy week and keep me running smoothly for the challenges to come with the new week. There’s something about gatherings with close friends that let you be honest with your feelings – feeling love for others and having them love you back is extremely fulfilling. A good support system, great friends who appreciate you and encourage you to be better, is essential for your personal growth so choose your friends wisely 🙂
People who you can shrub around, have them laugh at you, join in the laughter and just have a good time 😀 ❤

I took these photos at Art Caffe, Garden City. The interiors were so warm and beautiful, the service was impeccable and the food was delicious as always! I had a cappuccino and my new favourite dessert, the Tricolad. I just walked around taking photos comfortably, with the staff smiling and just letting me shoot away. Art Caffe, you guys are awesome!

Wishing you an awesome week ahead guys. Life will always have it’s moments, but you’ve just got to keep a positive attitude and try get as many things done as you can.

Sending you lots of good vibes! 🙂


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