Exposure. This word has been ringing in my mind all month, like a persistent buzz .

I am more aware of what I want to be around, and now more than ever I listen to my gut feeling and don’t ignore it as I used to before. I’ve always picked up energy and vibes quickly, I just never knew how to deal with them. I’m not an expert yet, but each day I try to learn something new about myself.

We think that there is an ‘ideal’ version of ourselves, and we aspire to become that person.
From a few of the books and internet articles about self-growth I’ve read, I decided to change this mindset and instead think of myself as limitless, and go on a quest of daily self improvement.
I make an effort to improve myself everyday by reading books or inspiring internet articles. My favourite inspirational blog is Zen Habits.
I watch motivational videos. I try to eat well and exercise regularly. I drink tea, more water and even cut out sugar from my diet a month ago.

A while back, I had an interesting conversation with a couple of friends and we discussed how we actually pick up other people’s energy, or clouds. I now am very selective of who I spend my time with. I’ve now become very conscious of my surroundings; less visible clutter makes me relaxed.
Working on my ‘mental’ clutter is a big chunk I need to seriously work on; having pending assignments and projects at the back of my mind contributes a great amount of stress and worry. Procrastination is one of my biggest problems, thinking of working on a large task and not being excited to get down to it, sigh. I aspire to be more organised, independent and happy.
I take time to appreciate nature; go out for a walk or jog (still need to work on my sleeping cycle though 😀 🙂 ).

Lastly, there’s camera things 😀
I played with the exposure and ISO settings on the camera and managed to get a few interesting shots on one of my walks in Karura Forest, hope you like them.
Wishing you a happy productive week ahead, and Scorpios unite! ❤


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