Keep Calm, It’s My Birthday.


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Fatma 2

In collaboration with Sugarpie Cupcakes

Age 24 has been crazy and I have to say the most challenging year of my life so far.
As Dida puts it, ’24 is such a stupid age, man’. I’d summarise it best in three words, ‘Sweat and tears’.
I was faced with situations that I felt I could never deal with, and while all this was going on my hormones seemed to be having a field day, making everything even more intense to deal with. The feeling of overcoming and accomplishing my small goals however are what kept me sane.

I wanted so much more from life; I wanted happiness. I wanted to love myself, to accept Fatma exactly as she is. Let me tell you something, self-discovery is not as easy and dreamy as you may think it is from the movies and novels. Growing up watching chick flicks like The Princess Diaries and Bridget Jones where a beautiful and confident woman emerged from a broken little girl, like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes, set a ridiculous standard for my own personal growth.
These are two hour movies summarising days and months of going through shit in life, while the reality is you have to endure and overcome every second of your day that is painfully slow to learn something as simple as believing you’re beautiful. Dida and I joke that us Scorpios go through at least three mental breakdowns a week, best believe I go through about twenty!

Just like a diamond in the rough, my true self had been completely hidden away and forgotten (but not destroyed) under layers upon layers of self doubt, disbelief, fear and self inflicted heartbreak.
I tried to be perfect; not for myself but for other people. A people pleaser. Then I realised that I didn’t have to be perfect for everyone and conflict is only natural, the people who truly loved me would accept my quirky, annoying self and embrace the changes I was going through nevertheless.

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People be like, you changed!

At times, just letting things be and truly living in the current moment was the hardest part, because I’m human – we’re always in a rush to get to the future and then we’re always nostalgic about the past.
Alas, the comical paradox of life! Adele put it perfectly this letter to her fans, ‘Turning 25 was a turning point for me, slap bang in the middle of my twenties. Teetering on the edge of being an old adolescent and a fully fledged adult’.

I must admit that the fact that I’m growing up is quite scary, I don’t know what the future has in store for me. My dreams are bigger and more ridiculous than they’ve ever been before and the excitement of making them come true is, for the first time, stronger than my fear of not attaining these goals. It’s the same feeling I got when I finished high school and transitioned into University life.
I hope to travel more, grow into a positive and well rounded individual and that Allah will set favourable conditions to enable me take major leaps towards making my dreams come true 🙂

Anyway, enough of ‘kufungua roho’! 😀
Dida and I are turning 25 on 10th November (we share the same birthday, cool huh?) and our friends at Sugarpie sent us some goodies to help us celebrate! 🙂
We’ve always been big fans of their cupcakes because;
1, They are super cute and delicious,
2, They are made from natural organic products so we don’t get too guilty indulging and
3, They try to support the Kenyan community by using only local ingredients, win win and win!

Putting this shoot together was so much fun; blowing balloons and having one burst in my face (phobia), styling and of course eating the cupcakes and making a mess of each other’s faces! We probably looked retarded to Dida’s family having a birthday party 3 days early, rolling around in the grass feeding each other cupcakes and basically acting like 12 year olds  😀

Getting the lighting right was a bit of a challenge, we decided to have 5 o’clock tea but ended up taking too much time styling 😀
I hope you like the photos and that we can catch up again soon, my lovely imaginary (and real) friends! Have a delicious day.
Also keep calm, it’s my birthday.


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