A Rosy Affair | 1.




roadtrip | escarpments + greenhouses

I’m that girl who’s always excited to leave the city, whether it be a road trip or a flight out to somewhere new. I think this fascination started from childhood, when Primary school trips required SERIOUS preparation. I’d write a list of snacks and candy I wouldn’t ordinarily be allowed to consume all at once. My must haves used to be Maryland Chocolate Cookies, any pack of Haribo, Pringles, and a CAN of soda (I realise now that bottles were more practical but cans seemed way cooler because of the ‘pssst’ sound they make when opened). In as much as I don’t enjoy the 8 hour drive to Mombasa, the sisal farms, baobab trees and starry sky at night make it a little more palpable.

Recently, my urge to travel has been insatiable – I’ve been dreaming more since I started following a couple of amazing travel photographers on Instagram, and my list just keeps growing longer. I had butterflies the whole of Friday trying to contain my excitement – ShaLon (Sharon + Lonina), Tatiana and I went on a little road trip to Baraka Roses, a rose farm in Naivasha. It was epic. Just a weekend to relax, unwind and literally, smell the roses. I sure hope I get more opportunities to travel in 2016!

We stopped at the Naivasha Viewpoint on our way there to take a few photos taking advantage of the Escarpments as our backdrop. Looking back, as a child I was more interested in the curio shops and didn’t quite understand the magnificence of our Kenyan landscape. Back then, they were just ‘mountains and grass’, and that’s where the teachers would be explaining theories of formation of The Rift Valley. We all didn’t want to be there, especially short tiny me who couldn’t squeeze in with the taller kids. I’d just buy colourful beaded bracelets and be happy with life. Seeing The Rift Valley again with fresh eyes was exhilarating – goosebumps galore – and I kept saying prayers under my breath. SubhanaLah, AlhamduliLah. Then I’d go into my photo taking frenzy and was always last to join the group the whole trip 😀

We were all so excited to get to the farm that as soon as we took our luggage to our rooms, we toured the property starting at the greenhouses then the sorting, packaging and refrigeration plant. I tend to get overwhelmed with emotion whenever I’m very happy and it happens in stages of first, goosebumps, then my eyes well up with tears at how beautiful the moment is and lastly, I get this adrenaline rush to just capture as many memories as possible. That’s what all my photos are, they are all memories and I remember exactly how I felt when I took the picture.

Anyone following me on Instagram is probably aware of my love for roses 😀
Now imagine how ecstatic I was entering greenhouses with rows and rows of different varieties of roses, then going to the packaging plant and seeing buckets and crates of roses! Just. Bliss. I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of roses in the room, and all these colours I’d never seen before in person! Thousands and thousands of them that even a sweet scent greets you at the entrance of the packaging plant. And experiencing all this with beautiful, positive people who are just as excited about life 🙂 ❤

We had a couple of fun adventures the next day too, exploring the beautiful landscape we got to call home for a night. I’ll be sharing the rest of the photos soon, so be sure to check in soon!

Wishing you all a beautiful day 🙂

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