A Rosy Affair | 2.


little house on the prairie.

I had made plans to travel this Thursday during the public holiday we got due to the Pope’s visit to Kenya, but had to postpone my little trip. I tried to figure out how to spend my day, perhaps go to the forest with some friends? Or maybe go to school as usual? I ended up spending my day home alone in pyjamas eating all day, and drinking lots of tea.

I tend to experience extreme Mondayitis – when just opening my eyes on a Monday after a super chill weekend seems like the most unreasonable task! Which reminds me of a funny image I saw on Instagram the other day, ‘I’m getting awfully tired of underwear and responsibilities’.

Anyway, here I am daydreaming of the weekend that was, while simultaneously panicking about school work hah! Looking through the photos, I almost didn’t post them. I learn more everyday and so I tend to dismiss my current and some of my previous works. I’m always aiming to be better, and apply the new lessons I pick up every so often.

On our second day at Baraka Roses, we decided to drive around and enjoy the scenic landscape. We took quad bikes from the house up to the green hills, had lots of laughs and took lots of photos 🙂

I wonder what I’ll get up to this weekend, any suggestions? Please leave a comment and let’s add a name to my adventure diary! 🙂


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