Old Town Charm.


Recently, the weather in Nairobi has been erratic and completely unpredictable. One minute, the skies are dark and it’s pouring, the next minute the sun is shining and you have to toss your leather jacket to the side.
Not complaining. I love how cool my sheets get before bed on a rainy night, and how happy my skin and I feel in the sun.

This Saturday morning, I woke up to this beautiful light streaming into my room and bathing me in goodness. It reminded me so much of being in Mombasa with my family, the smell of some sweet coconut dessert cooking and all these yummy spices floating in the air. Slurp. I digress.

So there I was in bed, missing the coast when I remembered these photos I took in December 2015 while walking around the white walls (usually painted over with interesting prose, insults sometimes and Bob Marley lyrics) of Old Town, Mombasa with my little brother. Going through them made me feel happy and sad at the same time. As they say, nostalgia (whether good memories or bad) always leave you a little sad. I guess it doesn’t matter much to me, a few minutes of reliving happy times never hurt nobody 🙂

These photos remind me of the sun, the ocean and good food. I hope they touch your heart too.



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