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The Chocolate Festival at Dusit D2 couldn’t have landed on a more perfect weekend.

So there I am, lazing in bed on Saturday morning scrolling through my Instagram home page (and simultaneously worrying about my school work to-do list) when I come across Joy Kendi’s post about a certain chocolate festival she went to for Valentine’s day.
Immediate reaction: Check her blog and see if it’s still on!
My mind was racing with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fantasies; the idea of an actual chocolate festival.. What is that even? Hyperventilation. My mind is shouting CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL in capital letters.

Enough melodramatics. So I find out there’s still a day left for the event (it ran from 12th – 14th February) and you’d best believe I was going to make my way there somehow.. Then the pragmatic side of me took over and I convinced me that it was a bad idea (somehow, I know right?) and that I had to get to some boring, tedious task like referencing my thesis or organising figure numbers instead. And besides I read somewhere that chocolate kills brain cells..
That is until you have a friend like Dida (check out her blog :-)), who is going through the same nightmare (Architecture school) and convinces you how we both need this if we want to stay sane for the next week of school.

Well, she was right. I definitely needed an afternoon of shameless indulgence 😀
It was a complete sensory experience. From how the warm smell of chocolate filled the room, to the beautiful decor – almost as if the designer intended for it to somehow feel like ‘home’. Guaranteed de ja vu moment. Several in fact.
The chocolate was also extremely satisfying – for 850 Ksh per plate, all you can eat. And this is no ordinary chocolate  you guys, it was love at first bite. I even got tears in my eyes 😀 :’)

If they have another, I’m definitely going! And you should too 😉

Peace out,
Fatma :-*

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