saturday shenanigans

I’m on a mission to get out of my comfort zone and ‘do more things’. Put myself out there, and drive myself towards constant growth. I mean, you can’t just be a week older – there has to be more growth than just days added to your age. Right?













I could make this a regular thing.
You know, posting about what I do during my weekends. I’m thinking of it as a way to encourage myself to put up material regularly on here (well at least once a week). And not only that, I’m on a mission to get out of my comfort zone and ‘do more things’. Put myself out there, and drive myself towards constant growth. I mean, you can’t just be a week older – there has to be more growth than just days added to your age. Right?

When you think of it that way, you have to strive towards being better at the end of every week. And it’s not just about doing ‘more things’, but more of the things I’ve always wanted to be a part of but was too self conscious to put myself out there. So in an attempt to be a better version of myself every single day, I will do more things that challenge my intellect and ultimately contribute towards this vision. A brand new – and better – Fatma Sultan. Lol.

Now to actually talk about what I did this Saturday.
I had an important meeting in the morning followed by a date with my soul sister Lynette which entailed eating sandwiches, MnM choc chip cookies and hydrating at Subway. This is the kind of stuff that feeds the soul. A good friend, some food and some real (life) talk. And as if the afternoon couldn’t get any better, we found out about the ‘Afrika Handmade Gallery 2016’ at Alliance Francaise on our way home so we decided to have a look. Best. Decision. Ever.

The brochure describes is as ‘An artisan and design installation for home and garden’, but I’d put ‘Inspiration to stay creative and get you life together’ on there instead. 😀
A couple of really interesting artists put their work on display and the range of work was diverse and in my opinion, anyone would leave there wanting at least one piece. The work by the ‘Tribal Gallery‘ left a lasting impression on me. I mean, who wouldn’t find furniture made out of salvaged wood from ship wrecks appealing?

You should probably pass on by and have a look, it runs until 16th October. Oh, I didn’t manage to take pictures of all the goodies on display as there was a ‘no photography’ policy for this exhibition.

On our way out, we saw a poster talking about an event next-door at the Goethe Institut. The poster stated, ‘SPACE: A DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL’, and this was interesting enough for us to go have a look.
I must say, it was a completely new experience for me. At first, I wondered why on earth I was in the room with all these people. Because ten minutes into getting all comfortable and warming our seats,  we were kindly asked to get on the floor and participate. And it wasn’t to speak, oh no. In my mind, it was much worse than speaking in public – it was to move around with gadgets that make music according to your movements. I was apprehensive at first, but after about thirty minutes watching how the rest had loosened up I was comfortable enough to swing with the gadget once and go back to my seat. Haha.

This event ran between 4-8th October and the lineup looked really interesting, but clearly I only got to attend this one talk. There was a group of three presenters, and from my understanding they came up with a gadget which produces sound according to your movement. The possibilities that can come up when coding and choreography come together. It is more complex than this short statement but you can read more about it here. It was very liberating to be in such a space where everyone was free to be as goofy as they wanted to! And not only that, seeing these speakers present their idea (that has so much potential) was very inspiring to me. Anyone can do it if they did the work and believed in themselves.

Stay creative, and have a lovely week ahead!

Author: Fatma Sultan

Hello, I'm Fatma Sultan. Architecture is my chosen career path. My love and appreciation for art is larger than I can put in a few words but it all comes down to the freedom to express oneself in so many different ways: painting, sketching, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, furniture design, cooking, pottery and even personal style. I hope to inspire my readers in any way that I can, and at least put a smile on somebody's face. Thanks for stopping by!

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