saturday shenanigans two

1ah2ah3ah4This post came up a little late for my ‘Saturday Shenanigans’ series but hey, it’s a BIG improvement from how irregular my posts used to be yes?
(Shameless plug: You can read the first post here).

I first heard about The African Heritage House through an instameet I regretted having missed thanks to so many amazing pictures my favourite Instagrammers posted shortly after. It would have been the perfect occasion to go, because after that it just seemed too far a place to visit. Like I’d have to go out of my way, to MLOLONGO. But once you’ve been working in Syokimau for a month, that’s home base. It’s basically all Machakos county past the airport. And trust me, the trip is WELL WORTH IT.

I visited the house this past Saturday, and it took me about twenty minutes to get there on matatu from South C, and about ten minutes to walk to the house. I haven’t factored in the ten minutes I strayed onto the stunning neighbouring property only to realize I was in the wrong compound!

If you’re using public transport, alight at Solomon Primary School and cross the road. You will see a signboard that reads ‘Alan Donovan’. The house is about 300 metres along this path. I’ve linked the Google Earth pin here for your reference.

I went with my little brother and my friend Magy and we decided to get a tour for 1000 Ksh. per person (inclusive of a beverage of your choice). Our guide’s name was Femi, and he walked us around while playing, on radio, an audio recording in Alan’s voice describing the history and design of the house-museum . I highly recommend this to anyone who goes, the history is just as endearing as the house itself.

You can spend the night at the museum if you wish, but they also serve meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinners on the rooftop or at the pool house). I hope you enjoy the pictures more than my writing! I’m trying something new with the layout of my pictures. I draw inspiration from many sources but my greatest influence has to be Alice Gao (she is hands down my favourite blogger and photographer) and I aspire to tell stories through my pictures like she does! This particular post seems a little ‘busy’ so it could probably change in the next few days.

Toodles! (Remember when this word was a ‘thing’ because of a lady presenter on KTN? I forget her name, I was probably 12 :-D)

3 thoughts on “saturday shenanigans two

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  2. Thank you !! Sums up all I can say for now. I was in the hospital waiting room when I come across your blog . Best piece of writing I have read in a while , coming off one of the worst years of my life and a January to match has left me with a negative and pessimistic outlook of life. However I sit here with a slight shimmer of hope , like switching on a florecent light in a dirk room I felt the first flashes of light when I read your first Saturday shenanigans and I lit up once I was done. Your blog is relatable and your strength to concor all that life throws at you is visible. You are helping more people than you can imagine with this. I am not a writer and I have never been good at it so I will end as I started, Thank you Fatma.

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    1. You’re welcome Sameer.

      Choose gratitude. I know it may sound strange and like ‘I don’t understand what you’re going through’, but find something to be grateful for. Anything. Maybe that you actually have access to a hospital, millions don’t.

      Thank you for the kind words, and for reading 🙂


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