starting with the girl in the mirror


Author: Fatma Sultan

Hello, I'm Fatma Sultan. Architecture is my chosen career path. My love and appreciation for art is larger than I can put in a few words but it all comes down to the freedom to express oneself in so many different ways: painting, sketching, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, furniture design, cooking, pottery and even personal style. I hope to inspire my readers in any way that I can, and at least put a smile on somebody's face. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “starting with the girl in the mirror”

  1. I love reading your blog. There’s just something charming about your pictures too. This post was really uplifting and I connected with so much of what you said. Please keep writing & putting out the good Energy… You never know but maybe You can be a Maya Angelou to someone else 🙂

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    1. Hi Mumbi!

      I type this with happy tears in my eyes :’) Thank you so much, I adore Maya and to think someone would respect me as much just fills my heart with joy. It’s all about growing together, you know? ❤


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