happy place

I’d like to share a few night time pictures of my bedroom.


I’ll share some day time pictures some day, soon 🙂

  1. My mum got the chair from an Iranian exhibition about fifteen years ago (bought as a set which she later gave away and kept only two pieces).
  2. The desk lamp was a gift.
  3. My friend went to Paris and got me this Picasso sketching pencil from the Center Pompidou, it also came with a bookmark. Such a thoughtful gift, I sketch and paint a lot so I like to have it close to me just to dream and visualize 🙂 I also like to keep my passport close by just so that I feel like I’m going to travel soon 😀
  4. I like to collect random pieces of ‘memories’ like polished stones or this wheat strand from when I first went to Timau.
  5. I love to light candles at night, helps me see the world through dreamy warm light 🙂
  6. I had my desk made out of my mum’s old pink bed (some of you may have seen it on my Instagram some time last year) then painted it white because my room has an all white theme at the moment. I’d like to do the same to my wardrobe and storage units, that is, paint them white and probably have a distressed finish.

Designing furniture has always been a dream of mine. I have a deep respect and profound admiration for architects whose exploration and passion for design transcend into other fields, such as furniture design.

I admire the work of Zaha Hadid, in my humble opinion her work seems to have a certain spontaneous, classic yet eclectic feel. I’d probably collect a single piece from her work. But I admire the simplicity and universal appeal of simple yet detailed and well thought out Scandinavian designs. Finn Jhul, Mies van der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames, just to name a few, were successful at creating timeless classics. I aspire to be that great of an architect and designer one day.

What immense satisfaction one must feel to design a piece to their own specifications and preference. I hope to explore this side of my creativity. Just to go off tangent as I usually do, as a creative do you sometimes worry that ideas will run out? Or that everything has been done already? I mean, how much more creativity can one put into the design of a chair? Or table? I try to train my mind to see things differently, and see the opportunity for growth in every situation. I will admire the next designer’s work, question what I like about the design, draw some lessons – but will always want to have something that is my own. My way, you know?

What are your dreams? Just start, today. However small, start building towards your bigger dreams. One day at a time 🙂

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