it’s a new year

And according to this first picture, I don’t look very amused. Feel free to zoom in and laugh with me. Haha.


Don’t judge me too harshly, I’m not usually outdoors shortly before midnight. My eyes knew this mirror-selfie-business doesn’t usually happen so late in the day. Or rather, night. The play of colour adds some fun to the picture though, doesn’t it? 🙂

Contrary to my expressionless face, I really am quite excited for 2017. I intend to push myself towards more growth this year – career wise, strengthen my existing relationships and foster new and exciting ones as well. I want to see and experience more of what life has to offer – immerse myself into new experiences and force myself to be more creative and think outside the box. I want to have a healthy level of love and respect for myself, from the inside.

One of the most profound realizations I stumbled upon in 2016 is that I wanted to live life every single day and have something to show for it. I decided after my 26th birthday that I would make every single day count, that I would have an achievement however small, just to know that I have grown more than just an extra day to my age. That first and foremost, I wouldn’t let myself down. It’s quite easy to find yourself complaining about your less than ideal current life situation. But when you start to realize that you have the power to change it on your own, the rush you get from accomplishing the smallest of milestones will only push you towards better things. It builds momentum, because you start to grow every single day and aim higher. I intend to keep this habit going, and see where it takes me in 2017. One day at a time ❤

I refuse to settle for the ordinary and mundane, instead I want a life full of excitement and abundance. And I’m finally ready to work for it. This blog has been gathering dust in a dark little corner of the world wide web for much too long, it’s about time I built the discipline and share more, hopefully uplifting, content with the world. My wish is for this website to always be a source of inspiration and positivity to whoever is reading.


I came up with a last minute plan to go out for dessert with my brothers on New Year’s Eve. My brother Ibrahim decided it was too spontaneous for his old grandpa ways so my youngest brother, Nassor, and I decided to just take an Uber to Garden City and have some dessert at Art Caffe. You know, to usher in the new year on a sweet note. It’s a moment I’ll never forget – enjoying my Art Volcano while flipping through Vogue magazine, dreaming and wishing. Counting down to midnight on new year is always exciting, but this year I welcomed it with a little bit more maturity – it was nice 🙂 I hope yours was enjoyable too.

Happy new year my dear readers, I hope we will grow together and make even some of our dreams come true.


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