“One is always at home in one’s past…”
― Vladimir Nabokov.

5 days into January, 2017 and I’m already finding myself reminiscing back to December, 2016.

I took the break very literally – I told myself that I wouldn’t think about work or any other adult-like responsibilities. Instead, I would enjoy this free time by finding interesting things to do and places to see. I took the time to celebrate my ups and downs all through the year and basically just have fun. Be a child, if only just for a few days until real life would be back calling on my full attention. Today, I’ll share one of the few places I explored. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking ❤

Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club


Basically, I went for lunch at Windsor a day before Christmas. Lol.

It was quiet – and I like quiet places 🙂

Just beautiful. The Victorian style and planning of the buildings adds on to the whimsical feel of the place. Symmetry seemed to be a theme that carried itself through the gardens and all the way into the interior. The Library Lounge, which is just as lush as it sounds, was complete with a grand piano right next to a wooden coffee bar, with finishing touches like sheer ivory white chiffon drapes blowing in the wind. I can see girl friends giggling at the wooden bar, a couple flirting away in a corner, or maybe even a group of young and/ or old businessmen and women closing some deals – murmuring away with random bursts of laughter. I must say it is quite a sensual, masculine room.

The food was great, which cost about 2000 Ksh per person. Heck, I’d go all the way for just a cup of coffee and a simple pastry because I’m quite sure it would be exquisite. Why did it take me this long to come here in the first place? *rhetoric question because I already know the answer is that I live on the other side of the world*

You all must go! I’ll definitely be back to explore some more, it just seems like the place that would have several other themed rooms. You know, a white room, or one with a tropical theme – with bold greens, mustards and maroons. Even the bathrooms are photo worthy. And if you’re into golf, it apparently has the best golf course in Kenya.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I must admit I do need some pointers when it comes to editing pictures. I don’t mind the muted colours here because you could say it goes with the whole ‘nostalgic’ feel of the post. It was not intentional that I can say for sure, just happened to ‘work out’. Well, sorta.

Let me know if you’ll pass by this weekend, or any other day for that matter 🙂

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