saturday shenanigans six

Some pairings just have the perfect balance. Peanut butter – jam, blue jeans – white shirt, and art galleries – coffee shops.

Nothing profound in today’s post, I just happened to have a lovely Saturday with my friend Magy last week.



We started off the day searching for old film cameras, sauntered over to Sno Cream (where I had enough ice cream for three *burp*), then to Uhuru Park where we walked around and got on these tiny boats for fun.

It was my first time experiencing this characteristically Nairobian weekend activity, and it made me realize how unfit I’ve become since I finished Uni. I’d made it a habit to jog every evening after classes, and now thirty minutes of leisurely paddling seemed to be torturous for my knees! I loved how relaxed the park was, Magy mentioned we came on the right day because it is flocked by church-goers on Sundays and larger masses during public holidays. A cacophony of sound, smell and colour – vendors in white coats asking you to buy ice cream, photographers encroaching into your personal space with cameras and albums, horses and camels walking around with their handlers. In one corner, there was even an inflated pool for children to swim in.

We still had some time to kill so we decided to learn a few things about history and culture at the Nairobi Art Gallery, which is right opposite the park. It sits in the old PC’s office, a lovely colonial building complete with oval skylights and a coffee shop outside. Joseph Murumbi’s collection of African art forms a majority (if not all) of the exhibition, with a separate room for other artists to display their work for sale.

Magy had to leave for football practice after so naturally, I decided to stay behind, read some poetry and have some iced coffee *grin*. Anyone know similar places I could go participate in anti-social behaviour, have a coffee and read my book in peace? *covers face* I’ve got nothing interesting planned out for this weekend, I might get some new books though 🙂

PS. Art gallery ticket stubs make for perfect book marks.


Author: Fatma Sultan

Hello, I'm Fatma Sultan. Architecture is my chosen career path. My love and appreciation for art is larger than I can put in a few words but it all comes down to the freedom to express oneself in so many different ways: painting, sketching, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, furniture design, cooking, pottery and even personal style. I hope to inspire my readers in any way that I can, and at least put a smile on somebody's face. Thanks for stopping by!

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