Alice Lane.

On my walk from the Gautrain bus station in Sandton, there’s this cool sort of ‘island’ up the hill. The design accommodates about what I think is five buildings with interesting planned walkways, steps and squares.

It feels like there is so much space… Alice Lane…

It always makes me think of Alice in Wonderland, and how she went down the rabbit hole. And then there was that time she went through the looking mirror…

I have been doing a lot of introspection and realizing that gratitude is the only state to exist in. Alhamdulilah. I value everything so much more, especially my family and friends.

I’ve been very busy recently that I haven’t been able to blog much. It’s been good because my mind feels like it’s growing, and now I have new things to talk about. I’ve decided to just blog on my phone whenever I get a chance, and resume on my laptop where I’ll get to play with the layouts as I love.

Just plain ol’ phone pics with a commentary as such.

Falling deeper into the rabbit hole, and being grateful for every step I take to being better every day.

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