Well. It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. Hah!
I’m not sure anyone’s even reading right now. *Taps mic to check if it’s working*
If I were speaking in a room right now, my three friends would probably be the only ones at the front cheering me on. Hi friends!
Hopefully two or three people will waltz in as I continue speaking. Yes, I have a very animated mind 😀

I’ve been on a writing slump for a while now. I felt like I wasn’t doing anything meaningful on here. I’m still collecting coins and some notes in my thermos cup (don’t ask), saving up for a good camera. Still have a long way of saving to go before I can afford it! I didn’t want to share much anymore because I felt it wasn’t good enough. I’d planned for my next post to be AMAZING, with great photos taken on my new flashy shiny camera, aah I can’t wait to open the box and get that whiff of newness, you know?
Then I thought, it is my blog after all. I may not be the best writer, or photographer out there. But I had a vision when I started the blog. Things have changed since, but this is something I want to do. And I will make it work.
I’ve decided to have a new category for ‘Academics’ on my blog.

I’m not sure if people know this about me but I’m studying Architecture at The University of Nairobi. I’m currently in my final year and this year I will be examined in two categories: thesis writing and the final project. For my five readers (two people walked in as I was writing), my thesis will be a study of homeless people, specifically within the Nairobi context.
I have memories from a very young age of chokoras (slang for street children). They are all sad memories of depraved children my age sniffing glue and begging for food, even a shilling. The harshest memory I have is of one street teenager being burnt for stealing. They put a tire around him, spilt kerosene on him and set him on fire. *shivers*
My apologies for this morbid piece of information. But I will not shy away from these issues, it is after all an academic thesis and the goal is to educate people and create awareness.

My thesis will tackle several aspects of homelessness but concentrate on the street families; who are they? What problems do they face? And what can I do, as an architect, to help better their living conditions?
My intention is to post something new at least every week. They may be photos, or just facts I gather along the way as I write.

Oh, one more thing! My lovely friend Dida (who went on a rant about how I’m not consistent on my blog) agreed to help me fix up my site next week. We’ll create a logo and get a theme that is more ‘me’, give this blog the much needed facelift it needs. Thanks boo 🙂

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me, cheers! 🙂