Exploring Johannesburg: Zoo Lake

A quick Google search of ‘places to visit in Johannesburg’ is sure to lead you to Zoo Lake.



Last month, my friend Njeri and I decided to have a girls date on a chill Saturday – talk about New Years Resolutions, hold each other accountable and just catch up on some much needed female banter.

To be honest, I can’t believe the first quarter of the year is already gone. I don’t dread it in the least, April has me feeling positive and ready to press reset refresh. There’s also a teeny part of me that’s had enough and just wants to go on vacation, leading me to sort through months of photos and put this post up for you.

I got a new addition to my photography gear, a sweet 50mm 1:1.8 Canon Lens to go with my Canon 60D. Been experimenting with it a lot recently and love the effect I get out of it so far. These photos were taken between 3 – 6 PM, the sunlight had that perfect dreamy effect special to the beloved golden hour. For the photos of myself, I set up the shot and asked Laura to help me snap them, love how they all turned out.


Zoo Lake is a public park reminiscent of Uhuru Park in Nairobi. Moyo Restaurant, known for its menu rich in African inspired dishes, sits right at the edge of the lake.



The staff is friendly and attentive, making the restaurant deck a lively and pleasant space to enjoy a meal, while the interior is darker and more intimate.



What We Ate:

Starters: Complimentary bread platter consisting of Moroccan and Tunisian flat break with a chickpea dip. Rating 8/10

Main Course: Mama’s Inkhukhu burger, panko crumber chicken breast served with harissa mayonnaise, avocado, onion rings and fresh tomato on a pumpkin bread roll, and served with hand cut chips. Review – delicious, but the chicken and bread were too dry. Rating 6.5/10

Seared calamari sauteed with olives, broccoli and garlic, drizzled with lemony harissa butter and served with Moroccan rice. Review – too oily. Rating 6/10

Dessert: Decadent brownies, with walnuts drizzled with custard and chocolate sauce, served with vanilla ice cream. Rating 9/10



By the time we were done with dessert, darkness was creeping in so we got to enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset and watch the ducks waddle by unbothered.

zoolake6.jpgHappy travels loved ones!


April will be great xx

Saturday Shenanigans Seven


One of my favourite places to hang out is Melrose Arch, an artsy precinct with cute restaurants, coffee shops, fashion boutiques, retail stores and amazing apartments, reminding me a little of Block 338 in Bahrain.

The Starbucks here has a cute vibe; the material palette, decor and lighting works so well together. I particularly loved the wooden seats outside. I make a habit to consciously collect pictures of inspiration just in case, so in the future I can execute the ideas in my spaces.

I didn’t experiment much with my food choices as I just wanted a coffee and a cute backdrop to take pictures. Had a cappuccino with almond milk, and some delicious chocolate and lavender macaroons.

Feeling so fulfilled typing this out, I just love it when I start my week off inspired.

the granary bread

“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.” ― Henry David Thoreau.



Last Saturday, I had an early bird breakfast with my friend Joyce at Le Grenier à Pain, a chic French restaurant up along Riverside Drive. We got there around 8.35 am, the weather being nice and brisk. The cool, clean morning air settling deliciously on our skin. I love early mornings when they start off slow, or rather, tame. When you can enjoy the quiet while everybody else is still asleep or just waking up. Considering it being a Saturday morning, people started strolling in around 10 to 11 when Joyce and I had already settled in and relaxed. We spent our entire time talking about our dreams, set some goals and enjoyed some great food.

I had the marinated smoked salmon with cream cheese, scrambled eggs, capers and shaved red onions, and Joyce had the apple cinnamon French toast with fresh fruits, crème fraîche & maple syrup. We got a basket of fresh bread and butter for good measure and every single thing was divine. Later on we shared the raspberry tart as dessert. The decor was a dream to photograph, and I happily snapped away practising some tips I picked up from tutorials I’ve been watching on YouTube Academy.

You should pass by one of these fine mornings.

P. S. You may find Joyce on social media as Podoa by Joy. She’s a fantastic makeup artist 🙂