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I could make this a regular thing.
You know, posting about what I do during my weekends. I’m thinking of it as a way to encourage myself to put up material regularly on here (well at least once a week). And not only that, I’m on a mission to get out of my comfort zone and ‘do more things’. Put myself out there, and drive myself towards constant growth. I mean, you can’t just be a week older – there has to be more growth than just days added to your age. Right?

When you think of it that way, you have to strive towards being better at the end of every week. And it’s not just about doing ‘more things’, but more of the things I’ve always wanted to be a part of but was too self conscious to put myself out there. So in an attempt to be a better version of myself every single day, I will do more things that challenge my intellect and ultimately contribute towards this vision. A brand new – and better – Fatma Sultan. Lol.

Now to actually talk about what I did this Saturday.
I had an important meeting in the morning followed by a date with my soul sister Lynette which entailed eating sandwiches, MnM choc chip cookies and hydrating at Subway. This is the kind of stuff that feeds the soul. A good friend, some food and some real (life) talk. And as if the afternoon couldn’t get any better, we found out about the ‘Afrika Handmade Gallery 2016’ at Alliance Francaise on our way home so we decided to have a look. Best. Decision. Ever.

The brochure describes is as ‘An artisan and design installation for home and garden’, but I’d put ‘Inspiration to stay creative and get you life together’ on there instead. 😀
A couple of really interesting artists put their work on display and the range of work was diverse and in my opinion, anyone would leave there wanting at least one piece. The work by the ‘Tribal Gallery‘ left a lasting impression on me. I mean, who wouldn’t find furniture made out of salvaged wood from ship wrecks appealing?

You should probably pass on by and have a look, it runs until 16th October. Oh, I didn’t manage to take pictures of all the goodies on display as there was a ‘no photography’ policy for this exhibition.

On our way out, we saw a poster talking about an event next-door at the Goethe Institut. The poster stated, ‘SPACE: A DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL’, and this was interesting enough for us to go have a look.
I must say, it was a completely new experience for me. At first, I wondered why on earth I was in the room with all these people. Because ten minutes into getting all comfortable and warming our seats,  we were kindly asked to get on the floor and participate. And it wasn’t to speak, oh no. In my mind, it was much worse than speaking in public – it was to move around with gadgets that make music according to your movements. I was apprehensive at first, but after about thirty minutes watching how the rest had loosened up I was comfortable enough to swing with the gadget once and go back to my seat. Haha.

This event ran between 4-8th October and the lineup looked really interesting, but clearly I only got to attend this one talk. There was a group of three presenters, and from my understanding they came up with a gadget which produces sound according to your movement. The possibilities that can come up when coding and choreography come together. It is more complex than this short statement but you can read more about it here. It was very liberating to be in such a space where everyone was free to be as goofy as they wanted to! And not only that, seeing these speakers present their idea (that has so much potential) was very inspiring to me. Anyone can do it if they did the work and believed in themselves.

Stay creative, and have a lovely week ahead!



20 days into 2015 and so far, so good. It’s not like I was expecting my whole world to change in a night, no I’m realistic. I take one day at a time, baby steps. But I have goals that I wrote down at the end of 2014, and I write affirmations to myself everyday in my journal. Fatma, you are beautiful and smart. Change your mindset and stay positive, only good things will come out of it, inspirational quotes. That kind of thing. image I woke up in the morning healthy, in my comfortable bed and knowing I can have breakfast. Do you realise the number of blessings you have in your life?

While I was in Mombasa for the December holidays, my little brother and I went bike riding at The Bamburi Nature Trail. It was so much fun, and after that my legs went numb and I kinda just wanted to sleep on the ground till evening, if my tummy wasn’t calling 😀 Not too far from the Nature Trail is Nakumatt Nyali and this Naivas mall that had a Java Coffee Shop in it so we headed straight there, a bit ironic coming from all that exercising 😀 My hijab was drenched in sweat, the whole time I was paranoid about running into someone I know and having to say hello and hug, kiss kiss kiss, you know.. The Swahili way.

Anyway, Nas (baby brother) ordered the English fish and chips and some juice, I ordered some milkshake and a nice big burger 🙂 And when we were done stuffing our faces, we went to the stage and got a matatu to town where I overheard the most interesting conversation of the year.

The matatu driver had his left hand on the steering wheel and the right supporting his head on the wheel as he waited for the matatu to fill up. The tout is busy yelling out, ‘Posta Posta Posta’, while pointing his index finger to the sky (because town is up). Finally, two people get in and we head on to the sky. The tout asks in Swahili ‘What are you thinking about? Don’t worry we’ll recover it’. From the flow of the conversation, I could tell they had just been forced to bribe a police officer on the road and they had nothing on them. The driver goes on talking about how it’s a sticky situation, but it’s okay. He’ll stay up till 2 and replace the money. But there’s another problem, he hasn’t eaten since yesterday (it’s 3 PM by the way) and he got laid last night so he’s famished. Yes, he said that on public transport 😀

What am I trying to say? Several things.

1. We should respect everyone around us, you never know what they are struggling with in life. Just be nice. You don’t have to go hugging everyone but just be nice, courteous.
2. Be grateful for what you have. Have a positive mindset. You have more than you think you have and you need to be grateful for.
3. It is important to have goals and to accomplish them. This driver had to replace the money lost before the end of the night, can you think of how many trips to and from town those would be? Set goals. And push yourself to achieve them.
*4. Don’t watch series. Yes I said it. I’m stuck watching Homeland Season 3 and I just want to finish it and move on with my life! I kid. But seriously though, is anyone here like me? Once you discover a great new series your life just stops until you see the end? That’s why I prefer movies, an hour and a half and it’s done. image The point of this post is one thing. This year, you have a clean slate. A blank canvas. Whatever metaphor you’d like a to use, you have endless possibilities this year. It’s something to be grateful for 🙂 I’ll have a second fresh start at the beginning of the Islamic year, but hey, I’d like to get myself in check sooner 😀
The year starts and you have all this energy and positive thoughts but its all dwindles off in the middle, you can’t let that happen 🙂
Ever heard of Lou Holtz? He’s an American football coach, and at age 20 he wrote down 107 dreams, 102 of which came true. They included having dinner at The White House, meeting the Pope and landing a plane.
His tips on goal setting?

1) Decide what you want to achieve and the date.

2) What talents you must acquire to do this.

3) Who do you have to work with to achieve this.

4) What problems must you overcome to achieve this.

5) Have a plan.

6) Share with others why they will benefit.

Summary? Dream big, and make it happen.
For the first time in my short life, I wrote down my dreams and goals. Then I shared them with someone I trust and love, and we intend to remind each other of our goals and stay focused. I promise to myself they will come into fruition.
This year will be a great year, I put it out to the universe and it will come back to me.
Have a beautiful day!
Love, Fatma x x


All photos taken on my Google Nexus 5 phone.