“One is always at home in one’s past…”
― Vladimir Nabokov.

5 days into January, 2017 and I’m already finding myself reminiscing back to December, 2016.

I took the break very literally – I told myself that I wouldn’t think about work or any other adult-like responsibilities. Instead, I would enjoy this free time by finding interesting things to do and places to see. I took the time to celebrate my ups and downs all through the year and basically just have fun. Be a child, if only just for a few days until real life would be back calling on my full attention. Today, I’ll share one of the few places I explored. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking ❤

Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club


Basically, I went for lunch at Windsor a day before Christmas. Lol.

It was quiet – and I like quiet places 🙂

Just beautiful. The Victorian style and planning of the buildings adds on to the whimsical feel of the place. Symmetry seemed to be a theme that carried itself through the gardens and all the way into the interior. The Library Lounge, which is just as lush as it sounds, was complete with a grand piano right next to a wooden coffee bar, with finishing touches like sheer ivory white chiffon drapes blowing in the wind. I can see girl friends giggling at the wooden bar, a couple flirting away in a corner, or maybe even a group of young and/ or old businessmen and women closing some deals – murmuring away with random bursts of laughter. I must say it is quite a sensual, masculine room.

The food was great, which cost about 2000 Ksh per person. Heck, I’d go all the way for just a cup of coffee and a simple pastry because I’m quite sure it would be exquisite. Why did it take me this long to come here in the first place? *rhetoric question because I already know the answer is that I live on the other side of the world*

You all must go! I’ll definitely be back to explore some more, it just seems like the place that would have several other themed rooms. You know, a white room, or one with a tropical theme – with bold greens, mustards and maroons. Even the bathrooms are photo worthy. And if you’re into golf, it apparently has the best golf course in Kenya.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I must admit I do need some pointers when it comes to editing pictures. I don’t mind the muted colours here because you could say it goes with the whole ‘nostalgic’ feel of the post. It was not intentional that I can say for sure, just happened to ‘work out’. Well, sorta.

Let me know if you’ll pass by this weekend, or any other day for that matter 🙂

a little break

Hello beautiful people!

2016 truly had me exhausted and I just needed a few days to relax. That is until the ‘productivity junkie’ in me started gnawing at my insides, urging me to get up and do something before I got too comfortable in a lazy stupor.



Don’t get me wrong. I do love those days when I can just eat junk and watch Downton Abbey reruns from season one all day into the night and then maybe set an hour aside to read 😀 But isn’t the satisfaction you get from being productive just a little bit more rewarding? It could be something as serious as finishing a project, or something as simple as setting up a date with your loved ones or friends. Just going outside, taking a walk. Soaking in all the beauty life has to offer. Doing something new, or going some place you’ve always wanted to but never had the opportunity to before. I hope this is how you’ll be spending your holidays. Doing something new, and being present 🙂

I recently had lunch at this lovely restaurant called The Arbor in Lavington, have you been there before? You should, it’s adorable! It’s like I was Alice Fatma, in Wonderland – felt like a sheer dream. I can’t find the right words to describe it, but I’ll try. It’s like this secret little wonderland hidden somewhere in Nairobi waiting for you to discover. Like you’re special, and it’s meant for you to find and step into a different world (lol, Fatma always in her dream world).

Complete with figurines of cute little monkeys, buddhas and frogs playing guitars – reminiscent of the Red Queen’s castle in Alice in Wonderland. A summer house mix was faintly playing in the background, cute children running around, friends chatting, the sunshine seeping through the rafters ever so perfectly. And green, lots of green. The only missing thing was candy hanging from branches but I guess the beads substituted for that in the theme. I think I may have gasped out loud several times just walking around the space. I could feel the love.

What an odd thought – ‘I could feel the love’. Love is not a ‘thing’ you can look for, because it already ‘is’ there. You just have to feel it. You could put yourself through the trouble of labeling it, ‘romantic’, ‘family’ etc. But it just beats the point doesn’t it? Love is life, and life is love.

I hope you’re enjoying your day! What have you been up to this festive season? I hope my blog can be a guide for anyone who’s looking for a new adventure to embark on. That’s the vision I have for in 2017 – to be a guide for adventures and keep the good vibes flowing 🙂
Enough adventures for today, back to Downton Abbey now 😉

sunday in town


Some days, I love Nairobi a little more than others. Take Sundays and public holidays for example, when the streets are quiet and empty and I can walk for five minutes without getting bumped into or my feet stepped on! When public transport can get you to your destination within 15 minutes when ordinarily it would be an hour long trip during the weekdays. You begin to feel the magic, walking down the streets alongside families with happy face painted children – strawberry and vanilla ice cream melting down their sticky hands and faces.

This past Sunday, my cousin, little brother and I took a short afternoon outing in town to pass by Maasai Market at City Hall. To switch things up a bit, I suggested we go to the KICC rooftop since they’d never been before. I’d gone once, right after my final pinup about six months ago in June, and I remember looking down on the city wondering where life would take me next.


Growing up is quite surreal, isn’t it?

Six months ago, I was a young twenty five year old who had just finished her final exams about an hour before I went on this same rooftop. With plenty of big dreams, and fears. I didn’t know how my final exams results would turn out, but I hoped for the best. I didn’t know where I was going after this. I didn’t know what to expect, because everything had just changed. I didn’t have a routine anymore. And yet, I still believed in my dreams. On this rooftop, I’d repeat to myself ‘Everything will be okay’.

During these past six months, I’ve learnt a few things about making day to day life feel a little bit more in control. I now put a time limit on my goals, and I plan a lot. Even if I fall behind on my timelines, it’s still all good because I still have something to work towards.

Enough real talk for now, back to the rooftop 😀

They charge 150 Ksh for adult citizens and 100 Ksh for children. Have you ever been here before? You should! I wonder how it’s like on weekdays? Perhaps less people because everyone’s at work or school? We went between 4.45 – 5.30 pm and then left for Coldstone ice cream as a treat before we headed back home. I’d love to capture the sun dipping below Nairobi’s skyline, so I still have a couple of trips left to go 🙂


How precious is this rollerblading initiative along Aga Khan walk? What do you like to do on your Sundays in Nairobi? I’d love to know, maybe I can use some of your ideas 🙂

Also, my apologies for the silence on here! It’s been a crazy week at work, lots of growth so I feel great. Exhausted, but great 🙂

The office closes today for the December holidays, yay!

Catch up soon ❤