Road Trip: Tigoni, Kiambu.



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If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that I went on a road trip with a couple of my girl friends about two weeks ago to the lush, green Kenyan countyside in Tigoni, Kiambu.

In life you realise that some of the most precious moments aren’t planned, but can be completely spontaneous instead. This road trip was one such event. Before the university closed down due to the student’s strikes, I was in the process of preparing for my final examinations and as an architecture student it can take a toll on your life and you basically are always stressed 99% of the time, the other 1% is for sleeping, eating and personal hygiene.

When my darling friend Lelei told me she’d like us to take a short day trip outside of the city, I didn’t even think twice and pushed all that final examination baggage to the back of my mind, put a lock on it and threw the key into the deepest waters of the ocean (I do have a flair for melodramatics eh?).

We set out for ‘Tigoni Falls’ but got lost along the way. I must say, having no sense of direction has never felt better. With tea farms rolling out into the landscape as far as the eye can see, and plenty of fresh air we made the most of every single moment together and it all became part of our story. We never got to Tigoni Falls, but happily settled for this random picnic and camping site called ‘Waterfalls Inn’. More and more, I realise that Kenya has so much to offer if you just take the time to explore.

How to get there:

I’ve never been good at giving directions so here is a Google Maps link that you could refer to if you ever decide to go (and I highly recommend that you do, you’ll have a blast 🙂 ). It took us about two hours to get there from Nairobi on a Saturday. I generally prefer to leave by 11 am latest on road trips because I dislike how uncomfortable and unpredictable it gets on the road.

What to do:

Being a quaint little place, it’s up to you and your crew (rhymes yo) to decide what you want to do (I did it again!). We spent about forty minutes at the waterfall within the compound and the rest of our afternoon setting up our picnic spot, chatting and even had a short nap!

We packed ourselves a simple little picnic consisting of hotdogs, water and juice. Make sure to carry a little picnic blanket, kikoy or leso, WET WIPES and do yourself a favour and carry your phone charger! I guarantee that you will take lots of photos and your phone is sure to be depleted of battery like mine was! We also wished we carried a portable speaker and basically just more outrageous stuff like pillows (and the whole house).

I hope to go on more adventures and share more of my little experiences with you, ciao!