I know I haven’t written in a while, same story over and over again hehe.
But the key is consistency 😉 😀

I’ve been so busy with school and some work, and last week I got to travel to Isiolo.
I had a terrible cold and had taken some medicine that made me drowsy almost 3/4 of the trip, and luckily I managed to stay awake on the best parts of the journey, the drive to Nanyuki.

It was really beautiful, and the roads were clear too. We were flanked by wheat farms on both sides, and a clear view of Mt. Kenya for almost an hour driving.
Nanyuki is 196 kilometres from Nairobi, and Google says it takes 2 hours and 43 minutes (lol) but we had quite a number of stops, first at Embu for tea then at Sagana for lunch.
Thereafter, it took about an hour to get to Nanyuki and two hours, in total from Sagana, to get to Isiolo.

What I came to realise all through the trip is that I should take more time to travel and even if I can’t afford to go to Italy (yet) I CAN afford to drive around, see and experience all the beauty Kenya has to offer.
One thing’s for sure, I will climb up Mt. Kenya, and I’ve given myself until the end of next year (December 2016) to do this.
Another thing that must happen is me getting a camera! My head works in pictures sometimes and I’d be experiencing something and thinking ‘Wow! This would make a beautiful picture! I could try this shot, play with the lighting’ etc and I’d just say to myself to just snap a decent photo on my phone and invest in a proper camera.

*Note to self : Mt. Kenya and invest in a good camera.

Here are a few of the pictures I took during the journey on my phone and edited on VSCO 🙂
I promise myself to go back and take these pictures afresh when I get my camera 🙂


A nice pair of booties and faux leather bag can upgrade your look drastically, especially if you’re a Hijabi and all you have to play with your black abaya are your accessories!
Oh yes, someone needs to make me their photographer! Weetabix vibes.
Manda says, ‘They are harvesting. See that truck over there’?
*sigh* *drool*
Fields of gold.
Mt. Kenya

image All pictures taken on my Google Nexus 5 phone.