this one’s for the foodies in the house

Well that’s a long title.

But yes, this one’s for the foodies in the house.


I had the juiciest burgers with my friend Viola at About Thyme last Saturday on the last day of the Nairobi Burger Festival. We hadn’t even planned for it, it just happened. Life is quite funny in that way; When we plan things they don’t work out, but somehow spontaneity tends to work in our favour! The idea was to have some girl time together and catch up on life. We start off light and then into heavier topics – work, life goals, books, music and TV shows.

What are you reading? What are you watching? How is your heart? Work? Family? Tell me about your dreams. Maybe with time we’ll talk more about money and finances, I just love such real conversations. I digress. Back to my foodies.

I’m salivating just typing this out because I’m remembering my teeth sinking into that juicy burger! Slurp!

About Thyme Big, Beefy, Fully Loaded Bacon Cheese Burgers

Charcoal grilled aged ‘Morendat Farm’ beef burger on a toasted sesame bun with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & gherkins with a choice of toppings.

Had mine without the bacon of course.

Toppings: Mushroom Swiss

With emmental cheese & sautéed mushrooms

All burgers are served with fries & ‘kale-slaw’ (Ni coleslaw ile iko na sukuma na si cabbage!)

All this yumminess for Kshs. 1,500/-

Downed it with a ‘Very berry’ smoothie which was as good as it sounds.

Want to know how to top off a killer burger? Grab some donuts from Donuts World in Westlands. HEH! Acha tu!

My favourite was the cinnamon one, yumm.

Sema food coma?!

PS. Mama Rocks is still my number 1 go-to burger spot in Nairobi *drool*

sunday brunch


I had a lovely brunch at Art Cafe this past Sunday with my little brother Nassor at the Westgate. We both had the ‘Art Breakfast‘ to eat, and I had the Moroccan mint tea with my meal while he chose to have a cappuccino. They usually serve their breakfast on these interesting big blue glass plates but I guess we were late, they make such great props for food pictures.


Also, my birthday is coming up in three days! Excitement nayo? 🙂
I can’t believe I’m turning 26, like how fast does time go by these days?! The pressure, and excitement, to step up and follow my dreams is growing and I won’t allow myself to take the back seat on my own dreams any longer.

I got to interview Rui of Kangarui on this same day (Sunday 6th November) at the fashion and art pop up at Art Cafe Westgate. Her work makes me so happy, and inspires me to chase after my dreams. If she can follow her dreams, so can I. So can you. So stay tuned, the post will be up in a few days  🙂

On a random note, I have replayed this song at least a hundred times since Saturday hehe. Just makes me tap my feet and feel happy 🙂

Have a yummy week ahead!

Coffee Shop Chronicles _ 01

It’s a beautiful day!
I bet everyone is as grateful as I am for the long weekend, happy belated Jamhuri day fellow Kenyans!
I’m barely feeling this weekend though, it’s like the week went on. With exams and projects and all, you know? Best of luck to all sitting for their exams 🙂

Coffee shops have this effect on me I can’t really put fully into words.
The smell of coffee, the ambience, the artwork and the distant sound of the coffee machine frothing up the milk or shooting(?) steam(you know the sound I’m talking about lol). Lovers holding hands and looking longingly at each other, friends laughing and having a good time. Coffee shops are happy places 🙂
The Java House chain is easily my favourite. Recently, they have been rolling out new branches all over the city. They really are taking over the coffee business in Kenya guys!

A friend and I decided to try the new one at Clyde House, opposite Nation Centre. It has ample seating space, their ground floor can seat at least twenty and the first floor can seat probably fifty more. It also has a balcony/ terrace space that has a few tables for three / two that overlooks Kimathi Street. It got a little breezy up there so carry a sweater just in case 🙂
I had the Homefries Heaven (420 Ksh). with a single cappuccino (200 Ksh)., and my friend had pancakes (440 Ksh I think). and the Malindi Macchiato (can’t remember how much but not more than 250 Ksh).
She let me taste her macchiato and the next time I go to Java, I will definitely order this drink! It was so good, had some chocolate syrup and cinnamon sprinkled on top I’m even slightly drooling as I type this out.
The prices are pretty affordable too, so treat yourself sometime 🙂

Here are a few pictures of what our breakfast scene looked like.
Have a beautiful weekend all!


Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset
Parasols and Light
Homefries Heaven - with cheese, guacamole and salsa - and a cappucinno | Pancakes and a Malindi Macchiato I was joking with my friend how food sometimes has fancy names hehe. Guacamole is just avocado, and salsa is just kachumbari :-D
Homefries Heaven – with cheese, guacamole and salsa – and a cappucinno | Pancakes and a Malindi Macchiato
I was joking with my friend how food sometimes has fancy names hehe. Guacamole is just avocado, and salsa is just kachumbari!

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

All photos taken on my Google Nexus 5 phone.